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Meet the artist

Welcome to my little web-store! I'm Anne or perhaps you will know me from my Instagram's illustration account @adriannewalujo.o . Born in Indonesia and now living in Melbourne, Australia. I am a UI/UX Designer by day but I have always loved the idea of making my artwork into physical things- after nights of ideations and encouragement from lots of people- here we are!

I designed all the products in this store. I have always loved the ideas of designing the whole experience- the packaging, the cards, sending newsletter, giving special discounts, seeing the names of people who buy them (yes I see them all!)- it just feels really personal and I get SUPER excited when I receive messages and photos from you all.

I have had help from my family and friends- especially my dad who has helped massively in setting up the store and also fulfilling some orders during busy days. (Shoutout to my fam!)

At the moment I have started with a few tote bags, art prints and stickers- and as we go on, we will explore more product designs. The theme of my merchs would be cute, soft and minimalist. A big inspiration is also my everyday life, creating stories and characters that hopefully can make you feel happy and at peace. Many of the items here are great for personal haul and as gifts.

You are not just buying from a faceless entity, but really the labour of our love. So, thanks for your support- either by buying, giving reviews or simply by giving us a shoutout online.


Anne & Family

Want to work together or do you have any ideas for collaboration? Drop a hello at hello@adriannewalujo.com 💌